The EZPZ Podcast EP009: Rage Juice

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Have you missed us? We have been really busy! Nick and Shaun went to Electric Forest Music Festival which is in Rothbury, Michigan. That is a 10-plus-hour drive from Des Moines! The lemon heads recorded a podcast the morning before Nick and Shaun departed for the festival. The ending segment of the show is special and features Nick and Shaun’s significant others. Let’s dive into the show notes! Do you like our newly colored logo? It was originally drawn by Nick Gandy and then friend of the show, Greg Rudolph, was commissioned by Shaun to select the color scheme, font and add some personality to it.

Episode 009 of The EZPZ Podcast started with the lemon heads discussing E3 2015. The video game conference was insane this year! Microsoft’s showing was the first up to bat. Shaun mentions that he covered E3 extensively on The EZPZ’s Twitter account. Shout out to all that favorited and shared those!

Microsoft announced Gears of War Ultimate edition due out in August. Rare Replay is coming out in August, too, which features 30 games for $30 from Rare’s extensive history of video game development including: Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Battletoads.

Halo 5 had an awesome trailer but the lemon heads weren’t extremely excited about it. Shaun said he was hoping he would lose a job because of Gears of War 4. The game is going to insane.

Sony had some great announcements which included the Final Fantasy VII remake, Kingdom Hearts 4, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4. Nick recapped the Final Fantasy VII remake and asked Shaun some questions about the Kingdom Hearts world.

Bethesda had their own E3 conference where they unveiled a trailer with in-game gameplay for Fallout 4. Shaun wouldn’t shut up about how excited he was for that game to be released on November 11th, 2015. He even said that he pre-ordered the $120 collector’s edition as soon as he could. #StealthModeDan made sure to call Shaun out on his nerdy-ness and name him a level 99 wizard. Nintendo’s showing was relatively weak to Shaun’s dismay.

Music Interlude: “Be My Shawty” by Gravez

Shaun mentioned that he knows he speaks a little too quick at times but as quick as he was to admit it, he was just as quick to blame it on Dan’s bored-as-heck look he gives him at times during certain topics. The two joked about this situation and it led them into Dan’s week re-cap.

The lemon head’s moved into Dan’s ordeal with Verizon and getting a new iPhone 6. He ordered the phone on Saturday night online before the deal ran out. He got a confirmation email about how he was supposed to receive the phone on Tuesday. He got an email from Verizon on that Tuesday about how there was an error on their end and how he won’t be receiving the new phone. They discussed his options as to what he can do at Verizon to get them to give him the phone he paid for.

Dan also wanted to discuss a scary situation that occurred while he was at a party on the east side. As he and everyone were leaving the party, they saw a bunch of police cars flying through the neighborhood. A stabbing had occurred on the east side. Shaun mentioned that it was probably the same one that he had heard about at work and on the news.

Music Interlude: “Where We From” by Gravez

There is a robotic grocery store that will be the first of it’s kind in Des Moines at some point in the near future called Oasis 24 Seven. It is an automated robotic grocery store. The lemon heads fell down the lemon hole about grocery stores and Shaun had a booger peach story to share. Then they discussed gas stations and certain customers that can be a little too much as oppose to those that actually need special help.

Music Interlude: “Quinoa West” by Flybear

As stated earlier in the show notes, Nick and Shayna, Shaun and Lydia were on their way to Electric Forest music festival right after recording this podcast! So, Nick, Dan and Shaun sat down with Lydia and Shayna to discuss last year’s Electric Forest. They discussed Brandon Paulsen’s funny rage juice story, getting lost in the forest last year, Shayna’s port-o-potty reviews, Dan’s hangover that decimated his chances at a bangover and Dan seeing Donald Glover at Lollapalooza’s Porter Robinson and Madeon after-show.

Music Interlude: “Lullaby” by Astre

Thank you for listening to The EZPZ Podcast! Sorry for the late upload but Shaun had Electric Forest to attend and then went straight to Chicago for July 4th with Lydia

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