The EZPZ Podcast EP008: The Thing with the Lizard People


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Have no fear, your dose of lemon head juice is here with episode 008 of The EZPZ Podcast. We kicked things off this week with Shaun chatting about how he and Lydia tried going to the farmer’s market in downtown Des Moines, the best city in the state. Being the novice he is, he didn’t even think about paying for parking, so he and Lydia could not even find parking. Shaun asked Dan and Nick what people can expect from the farmer’s market.

Dan has had a rough week with his disorder called HPPD (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder). He discussed what that actually means for him and how he has to deal with it every day. Because it has been so rough on him the last couple weeks, he decided to do some research and found a vitamin that is supposed to help alleviate the disorder. Nick mentioned he has tinnitus and how it affects him daily, too.

Music Interlude: “Drugz” by Promnite

Someone was shot by a cop sitting in her cop car in Des Moines, Iowa. The man ended up dying from the gunshot wound to the abdomen. The lemon heads decided to dive into the touchy subject of cops killing citizens. The lemon heads moved away from cop killing citizens to citizens killing citizens. It’s been a rough year for Des Moines.

Music Interlude: “Linus Spacehead” by Wavves

The lemon heads eased into discussing Caitlyn Jenner. The discussion ended up getting a bit heated with Shaun and Dan somewhat disagreeing on the subject. The lemon heads ended up falling a little too deep down the rabbit hole.

Music Interlude: “Why My Ol’ Lady Gotta Be a Thot” by Marvel Alexander

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, affectionately known as WWDC, kicked off on June 8th with Apple’s keynote on their new software updates to come later in the year. iOS 9 was announced for iPhones/iPads. OS X El Capitan was announced by Macs. But the main announcement the lemon heads wanted to chat was Apple Music. They discussed the pricing and key features of Apple Music and also their competitors like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody and Tidal.

Music Interlude: “Time to Break Up” by Blink-182

Take a step back and breathe in, listeners. The entire episode isn’t about serious disorders, social issues or press releases. The lemon heads dove into their favorite thing in the world: music. Nick said he has been listening to Mr. Carmack a lot, like Shaun. He also mentioned that Electric Forest’s official Spotify playlist has been playing on repeat on his phone. Dan gushed about how much he respects and loves Mr. Carmack and Shaun asked Nick what his favorite song by Mr. Carmack after a week of jamming to him.

Shaun said he is looking forward to seeing Odesza at Electric Forest, so he has been bumping their records all week. Dan actually saw them in Iowa City at the Blue Moose. He said the venue seemed to be a bad choice for the electronic music duo and that killed the vibe of the show for him. Citizen’s sophomore album, Everyone Is Going to Heaven, was streaming in full on Spin’s website. Shaun discussed how he actually got to buy it early because Run For Cover released it on their BandCamp for $5. Dan said he has been listening to Mr. Carmack in anticipation of his new EP called the Red EP dropping later this month.

Music Interlude: “Parasail feat. A-1” by Louis Futon

Thank you for listening to The EZPZ Podcast! Friend of the show and Dan’s best friend, Ian, is coming back to town, so the next episode will be up a little later than usual.

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