The EZPZ Plays Fallout 4 – Pt 7

Hello, Internet! @ShaunSJohnson here!

Please enjoy this 1080p HD upload of PART 7 of my play through of Fallout 4 on the Xbox One. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to upload the entire play through because there has been a few hiccups in capturing. Hey, I’m new at this! But I’ve got close to 20 hours of HD gameplay already!

I saved old man Goodman! It wasn’t too hard. The Super Mutants in this game seem to be weaker than they were in Fallout 3.

Check back for PART 8 soon!

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The EZPZ Plays is a video series I have been wanting to do for a long time! I haven’t had the chance to play video games since going back to college. I hope to change that as I graduate this December. This channel is the hub for all content under The EZPZ, which includes “Let’s Plays”. Damn that feels good to type.

I hope to grow this channel’s content to bigger and better things. I can’t do that without your eyeballs and eyeholes, both of which I am grateful for! Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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The EZPZ Podcast EP015: Plain Slim #7

The EZPZ Logo Oct 2015

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What’s up, everybody! EP015 is in the books. We were privileged enough to have one of Shaun’s good friends on as a special guest, Daniyel Turner.

Daniyel Turner was back in town for a wedding, so we got him on the show. He currently lives in Oakland, California and works as the social media manager for an electric scooter and bicycle company called GenZe.

We went pretty deep down the lemon hole in this episode on some stuff. I wouldn’t say we got all existential and such, but we almost did. Daniyel and Dan are both talented musicians but they approach playing music in different ways.

#StealthModeDan got into a three-car accident but it wasn’t his fault, so he was obviously a bit heated and had to let out some steam.

Daniyel Turner went to Columbia College of Arts in Chicago. Since Nick and I just took a road trip there for the Armor For Sleep show, we chatted about Chicago and pizza.

Dan also took a road trip recently to Iowa City to see Ian and his other friend, Bryan. He caught some of CHVRCHES’ free show on the University of Iowa’s campus. In true Des Moines fashion, everyone had an opinion on Iowa City and spoke about some bad and good memories while in the college town.

Dan wanted to ask Daniyel Turner how he defined success. We went down that lemon hole and had one of the best conversations we ever had! We got into keeping your word, staying accountable, and not just talking about doing things but actually doing things.

Dan showed us a video of a young, white, drill time rapper that has been blowing up this past summer: Slim Jesus. We discuss his lyrical topics which like Nick said, we all have heard this all before but better. At least most of us learned what it means to co-sign an artist, thanks to Daniyel.

Dan gave us a brief review of Bryson Tiller and Wavves’ newest albums. Which got us into discussing a bunch of other artists and bands in true EZPZ fashion.

We really love having guests on the show. Send us an email if you want to be on the show and we’ll get you on! Thanks for listening! That wraps episode 015 of The EZPZ Podcast.

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The EZPZ Podcast EP008: The Thing with the Lizard People


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Have no fear, your dose of lemon head juice is here with episode 008 of The EZPZ Podcast. We kicked things off this week with Shaun chatting about how he and Lydia tried going to the farmer’s market in downtown Des Moines, the best city in the state. Being the novice he is, he didn’t even think about paying for parking, so he and Lydia could not even find parking. Shaun asked Dan and Nick what people can expect from the farmer’s market.

Dan has had a rough week with his disorder called HPPD (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder). He discussed what that actually means for him and how he has to deal with it every day. Because it has been so rough on him the last couple weeks, he decided to do some research and found a vitamin that is supposed to help alleviate the disorder. Nick mentioned he has tinnitus and how it affects him daily, too.

Music Interlude: “Drugz” by Promnite

Someone was shot by a cop sitting in her cop car in Des Moines, Iowa. The man ended up dying from the gunshot wound to the abdomen. The lemon heads decided to dive into the touchy subject of cops killing citizens. The lemon heads moved away from cop killing citizens to citizens killing citizens. It’s been a rough year for Des Moines.

Music Interlude: “Linus Spacehead” by Wavves

The lemon heads eased into discussing Caitlyn Jenner. The discussion ended up getting a bit heated with Shaun and Dan somewhat disagreeing on the subject. The lemon heads ended up falling a little too deep down the rabbit hole.

Music Interlude: “Why My Ol’ Lady Gotta Be a Thot” by Marvel Alexander

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, affectionately known as WWDC, kicked off on June 8th with Apple’s keynote on their new software updates to come later in the year. iOS 9 was announced for iPhones/iPads. OS X El Capitan was announced by Macs. But the main announcement the lemon heads wanted to chat was Apple Music. They discussed the pricing and key features of Apple Music and also their competitors like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody and Tidal.

Music Interlude: “Time to Break Up” by Blink-182

Take a step back and breathe in, listeners. The entire episode isn’t about serious disorders, social issues or press releases. The lemon heads dove into their favorite thing in the world: music. Nick said he has been listening to Mr. Carmack a lot, like Shaun. He also mentioned that Electric Forest’s official Spotify playlist has been playing on repeat on his phone. Dan gushed about how much he respects and loves Mr. Carmack and Shaun asked Nick what his favorite song by Mr. Carmack after a week of jamming to him.

Shaun said he is looking forward to seeing Odesza at Electric Forest, so he has been bumping their records all week. Dan actually saw them in Iowa City at the Blue Moose. He said the venue seemed to be a bad choice for the electronic music duo and that killed the vibe of the show for him. Citizen’s sophomore album, Everyone Is Going to Heaven, was streaming in full on Spin’s website. Shaun discussed how he actually got to buy it early because Run For Cover released it on their BandCamp for $5. Dan said he has been listening to Mr. Carmack in anticipation of his new EP called the Red EP dropping later this month.

Music Interlude: “Parasail feat. A-1” by Louis Futon

Thank you for listening to The EZPZ Podcast! Friend of the show and Dan’s best friend, Ian, is coming back to town, so the next episode will be up a little later than usual.

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The EZPZ Playlist: May 2015

Every month since January 2011, Shaun Johnson has been making monthly playlists of his favorite music. As soon as the last couple days of the month roll around, Shaun starts a new playlist for the next month with whatever music he is jamming out to at that time. These playlists include any music that Shaun loves and are not confined to any specific genre or release date. The playlists usually include new music, but they can also include tracks from bands that Shaun is planning on seeing live that particular month.

These write-ups are solely for Shaun to promote the music he loves and to give him an outlet to write about music in a consistent manner! Don’t be afraid to send him your thoughts on his write-up or playlists on Twitter: @ShaunSJohnson

Shaun is EZPZ

Shaun is EZPZ

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.36.35 PM

May started off with me working on my final for my multimedia class. In this final, I had to make a video and podcast showcasing an event and store in Ames. I chose the Friday Night Draft for Magic: The Gathering at Mayhem Collectibles in Ames. In the video, I needed some audio. My friend, Kyle Ewing has a record label called Hang In There Records. So, I hit him up to see if I could use a couple of tracks from an artist of his record label. I ended up choosing TTO’s “Windmills” and Sundance Kid’s “Hole”. Both songs fit the mood I wanted to portray in the video and podcast.

Since I was editing the video and podcast to perfection, I listened to each song over and over again. It’s a good thing I love both songs. “Hole” by Sundance Kid would fit perfectly on a lot of albums by nationally touring post-hardcore bands. Greg Rudolph’s gritty vocals are far from phoned in and play nicely with the chugging guitar chords. “Windmills” has one of my favorite harmonies I have heard this year. When Ewing sings, “Play games with my imagination/ Haunting synchronization”, I cannot help but smile because it is so damn perfect. Ewing crafts a song that guides the listener from a pitch-dark boat ride of despair back into light. The guitar work is heart-wrenching until the latter half, where it becomes up-lifting and gives the listener a sense of optimism.

IMG_1136 IMG_1137

I went and saw The Story So Far, Four Year Strong and Terror at Wooly’s in Des Moines with my girlfriend, The EZPZ Podcast co-host, Nick Gandy and his fiancé, Shayna on Saturday, May 9th. The show was awesome and way better than I expected. Terror tore apart Wooly’s and had the largest circle pit of the night because….duh…they’re Terror. I say it every time I see them but Scott Vogel is easily the best frontman in hardcore. I had not seen Four Year Strong for a few years and forgot how good they were live. They were probably the best act of the night. The Story So Far were a completely different band than when I saw them at Warped Tour in 2012. When I saw them in Minneapolis, MN at Warped 2012, Parker, the lead-singer, was jumping and running around like a mad man. He pretty much did nothing but stood and sang with a mic stand the entire set. I was shocked. Although, Parker sounded very good, it was not what I was expecting at all.


I find myself going back to Bully at least once every week. I loved their show with Jeff the Brotherhood and the group of people I went to it with. It was just a great night. “I Remember” was released for those that had pre-ordered their debut album, Feels Like, on iTunes. I found myself jamming to it and “Trying” a lot in May in anticipation for the album’s release in late June. I am bummed I missed their co-headline show with Best Coast in Omaha on June 9th, but it just didn’t fit into my schedule or budget.


I revisited Drake’s If Your Reading This It’s Too Late almost 3 months after it’s release. I like the album but I just couldn’t get into it. I added a few tracks that stuck after the 3-4 extra spins I gave the record.


Superheaven released Ours Is Chrome in May. It’s another album I like but not too many of the tracks really stuck with me after the handful of spins I gave it. I really liked “I’ve Been Bored” and the video that went with it, so I threw it on the playlist.


The EZPZ’s Artist of the Month, Turnover, released their sophomore album, Peripheral Vision and caught Nick Gandy and I off guard with how amazing it is. After the first few tracks, I was hooked. Run for Cover Records just keeps on releasing albums I love this year! I snagged the album from their BandCamp page for $5 after it apparently leaked online. “Dizzy On a Comedown” is one of my favorite songs of the year. I could not get the chorus out of my head all month.


You can find me on Twitter and Instagram: @ShaunSJohnson

I record a podcast with my friends Nick Gandy and Dan Brown called The EZPZ Podcast. We are YouTube and! Thanks for reading. June will be a packed month like April because of Electric Forest! I’ll be discovering a ton of new artists and revisiting old ones.


The EZPZ Playlist: March 2015

Every month since January 2011, Shaun Johnson has been making monthly playlists of his favorite music. As soon as the last couple days of the month roll around, Shaun starts a new playlist for the next month with whatever music he is jamming out to at that time. These playlists include any music that Shaun loves and are not confined to any specific genre or release date. The playlists usually include new music, but they can also include tracks from bands that Shaun is planning on seeing live that particular month.

These write-ups are solely for Shaun to promote the music he loves and to give him an outlet to write about music in a consistent manner! Don’t be afraid to send him your thoughts on his write-up or playlists on Twitter: @ShaunSJohnson

Shaun is EZPZ

Shaun is EZPZ

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.19.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.19.28 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.19.43 PM

With the start of March and how February started, I think I have come to the realization that each month is going to start with the end of last month’s playlist leaking into it. March’s first chunk of tracks were songs sampled on Miguel’s “Do You…” seems like a track that was written with the thought that it would be sampled. The same goes for AlunaGeorge’s opening track to Body Music, “Outlines”. That track is simply unreal, it’s the first week of April and I find myself putting it on repeat while cruising on the interstate. AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It” seems to have been overshadowed by their more popular single “Attracting Flies”. Both are really great tracks, I just enjoy “You Know You Like It” a lot more.


OSHI and Sam Gellaitry both made it back onto my monthly playlists again this month. These dudes are the future of music. They are going to be emperors of SoundCloud in the coming years. Gellaitry has already signed to Soulection Records based out of Los Angeles. I hope they sign OSHI soon. My friend and co-host of The EZPZ Podcast, Dan Brown, is confident that he will be on their eclectic roster soon enough. OSHI just made an appearance on Soulection’s Love is King compilation. The compilation is pretty solid, although only a few artists truly standout. Love is King was released as a celebration for Soulection reaching over 200,000 followers on SoundCloud. Gellaitry’s EP, Short Stories, is going to be one of my favorite releases of the year without a doubt. I hope he comes stateside soon. I would travel to Chicago, a 6-hour drive, just to see Sam Gellaitry perform. His performance in Paris at the beginning of March was put on YouTube and I have clocked a bunch of miles on the treadmill watching it. I suggest you check it out, Gellaitry is the future of music.


The boys in black and white (and floral green) have returned to my monthly playlists for the third month in a row. Their album, Hyperview, still gives me the chills. I absolutely love everything about Title Fight and how they are metamorphosing into something truly brilliant. The album didn’t receive nearly the amount of praise as their second album, Floral Green, but it did with me. I got to see them live on March 8th in Lawrence, Kansas with my friend and co-host, Nick Gandy. I needed to see them live, especially after their album, Hyperview, dropped. These dudes know how to put on a performance. I am bummed that I am missing their co-headlining tour with La Dispute due to class and work. It also didn’t help that the closest show to Des Moines, Iowa was in Chicago on Easter Sunday. I’m far from a religious man, but familial duties come with Easter Sunday. The same thing happened when Title Fight toured in support of Circa Survive, too! Such a shame, both those tours were monumental.


Okay, I am not giving credit where credit is due—the openers for the Title Fight show I caught in Lawrence, Kansas were phenomenal. Power Trip, a hardcore band, and Merchandise, manic pixie dream world indie pop. I loved the intensity and thrills that Power Trip brought to the stage. Kids were flying everywhere and going completely nuts. Merchandise wooed those same kids into a trance. The people that just watched Power Trip tear apart the stage stayed and watched Merchandise create something truly wonderful. The band ‘s music sounds like it should be played in front of English royalty. I can see why Title Fight wanted to tour with both bands. Loyal Title Fight fans love both their fast-paced, punk songs, usually led by Ned Russin and their soothing, whammy-bar abused songs, usually led by Jamie Rhoden. Both the opening bands brought a side of Title Fight to the show. I loved Merchandise’s set so much that I was kicking myself after the show for not buying any of their merch or material. I got their EP, Totale Nite, and threw the track “Anxiety’s Door” on my playlist.

I guarantee I will be getting the album’s logo tattooed soon enough. Title Fight is just one of those bands that makes songs that you take with you throughout your entire life.


Passion Pit released their first two singles off of Kindred mid-March. The singles are wonderful and I found myself listening to them non-stop for a week or so.


A Big Sean album would have never have been on one of my monthly playlists just a year or two ago but hey, we all change and grow as music fans. Dark Sky Paradise had some really fun songs. Although he is a strong rap/hip-hop artist on his own, Big Sean’s tracks where he collaborating with some of the biggest artists out right now are where he really shines. I especially enjoyed tracks like “All Your Fault” feat. Kanye West, “I Don’t Fuck With You” feat. E-40, “Play No Games” feat. Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign, and one of the catchier tracks released this year, “Research” feat. Arian Grande.


We have the radio on at work 24/7. Although the radio gives me twelve times more headaches than pleasure, sometimes I hear a song play on the radio that is really good. Throughout the last decade or so Cage the Elephant has released a lot of good albums. I never really gave them the time of day because I would hear them on the radio enough the way it. I really like their latest sing’e, “Cigarette Daydreams”, though.


Kanye West is one of two artists that I know has the ability to release an album that can make my top three albums of the year. The other being Radiohead. Kanye West released his first single off his new album, which just got a name change to Swish, was released in late March. “All Day” is a strong track but it isn’t really anything remarkable and will probably go down as one of West’s good tracks instead of great.


Kendrick Lamar released To Pimp a Butterfly on March 23rd. After one listen I was convinced that nothing could come close to topping it for my album of the year. After listening to the album from beginning to end, listeners are sure to be exhausted, but it’s the kind of exhaustion that one gets from completing the Boston Marathon. After an active listen, you know you experienced something that made you a better person. That same thing that made you a better person makes you contemplate how you think of the world around you. The tracks are stories in themselves and at the end of each song is a separate story that is told as a spoken-word poem by Lamar. The culmination and pay-off is at the end of “Mortal Man”, the last track on the album, where Kendrick Lamar pseudo-interviews the late rapper, Tupac. Judging from the conversation Lamar has with Tupac, he is one of the few rap/hip-hop artists to admit he doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t know everything.


CHON released their debut album called Grow in March via Sumerian Records. The release of Grow couldn’t have been a better time for me. I was gearing up to see them open for Circa Survive and Balance and Composure on April 2nd at The Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska. Just a few days before the show, I tweeted at the lead vocalist/bassist of CHON, Drew Pelisek and asked him if I could interview him for one of my classes. To my surprise, I got a “Yeah, no problem, dude”. I couldn’t believe it. Although many kids in my class gave the professor of my Media Production a lot of shit for never being organized and assigning a ton of projects, I appreciated it because of the fact that it brought me out of my shell. I interviewed Pelisek in the green room of The Slowdown with my sister, Shelby Johnson, manning the GoPro. Before and after the interview we got to watch Circa Survive from the VIP area backstage. It was a dream come true. The experience really opened my eyes and showed me that I can do this for a living! It gave me the confidence that I can do anything. The Saturday after the show I worked on the cutting together a video for the interview. I spent the entire day from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. working on the video. It turned out great and I got an “A”. After seeing CHON in Des Moines open for Animals As Leaders in July of 2014, I was already a fan but with just this one night, I became a lifelong fan of everything Drew Pelisek does with or without CHON.


Vance Joy has been on the radio for a year or so now with his song, “Riptide”. It’s a good song but I never really got into it too much. When I finished Better Call Saul, I was looking for a new show to watch. I had heard a lot about Transparent, an Amazon Prime exclusive, and their continuous push of the award-winning show on their app got me to check out the trailer. The trailer almost brought me to tears with the inclusion of Vance Joy’s “Mess is Mine”. Whoever chooses the music for the show and it’s trailers needs a raise.


In typical fashion, I added songs of bands I was about to see live to my playlist. With the Circa Survive, Balance and Composure and CHON show on April 2nd, I added songs to prep myself for one of the best tours of the year.


At the end of the month, Earl Sweatshirt released his single for his newest album which was due out just a week later. I snagged up the single, “Grief” with a pre-order from iTunes.


The EZPZ Podcast EP006: J-Wowwza

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The EZPZ Podcast on YouTube

The EZPZ Podcast is back with episode 006 after taking a week off. The podcast took a week off for Memorial Day so the lemon heads could visit with family and friends. Which is what Shaun and special guest co-host, Shelby Johnson did. Shelby is sitting in this week for Nick Gandy since he is on vacation.

The show started off with introducing our guest co-host: Shelby Johnson! She was quick to tell the listeners that her favorite band is Balance and Composure. Shelby and Shaun discussed their family trip to Buffalo Center and Scarville in northern Iowa for Memorial Day.

Dan dove into the Food Truck Throwdown that was held in Des Moines, IA at The Social Club on Saturday, May 31st. Shaun mentioned he wanted to check it out but was unable to since he was at his friend’s wedding. Dan said that the wait for just getting wristbands wrapped around the block. He and his friend dipped and checked out Tacopocalypse in Des Moines, IA. He and Shelby dropped bombs about Tasty Tacos when Shaun asked if he liked Tacopocalypse or Tasty Tacos more.

Dan spoke about the new wine bar in Des Moines, too. He checked out Della Viti Des Moines, which is a self-serve wine bar. The lemon heads believe it is the first of its kind in Des Moines. The place was packed, which is what we want to hear for a new business in Des Moines doing dope shit! Dan mentioned he liked the idea, ambience and the price point of Della Viti and recommends people check it out.

Music Interlude: “Reflection” by Balance and Composure

Shaun and Shelby spoke about why they were a tad late to recording the podcast. They said it was because Shaun had to stay back and chat with a Des Moines police officer with his girlfriend Lydia. On Saturday morning, Lydia’s car was broken into and her iPod was stolen! The lemon heads discussed car theft and how it is affecting many people in Des Moines including guest co-host, Shelby Johnson.

Music Interlude: “Quas” by Sam Gallaitry

Shaun moved the conversation onto the shows they were watching. Shaun said that he was passively watching Jersey Shore with his girlfriend Lydia. Lets bring back #GTL, people! Nah, never mind. Then the crew moved onto Adventure Time and discussed how wonderful the show is for people of all ages. Shelby made sure to flex her Adventure Time knowledge by naming a specific episode that features Lemon Grab for people to watch.

Going off of butts exploding, Dan showed us a weird video he found on World Star. The video was showing just how weird San Francisco can be with the World’s Biggest Human Puppet Show. It was truly insane. The show was held at the Summer Salt Festival. Check it out below if you want to be truly disturbed.

Music Interlude: 5 South (Braeden Bailey Remix) by Mark Johns

Dan and Shaun gushed about how awesome the PantsOff! Podcast LIVE recording that was held at The Lift in Des Moines, IA on Tuesday, May 26th. The host of the PantsOff! podcast, Brian Campos, even gave The EZPZ a shoutout at the LIVE recording. The podcast format was really cool. Brian Campos would do his thing on stage and then he would let Des Moines’ The Maytags play a couple tunes. Then he would return to the stage to chat with the band and even asked them some questions regarding their show at 80/35 this year, recording their new album in Nashville this coming August and whatever else they have set for the future. The entire experience was truly magical and got Shaun and Dan fired up. We have a lot of love and respect for Brian Campos and hope to have a live recording of our own one day!

IMG_0896 IMG_0899

Music Interlude: “Pushing Up Rivers” by The Maytags

To round out the episode, the lemon heads chatted about some music news this week including A$AP Rocky dropping At.Long.Last.A$AP. Shaun and Shelby discussed their mutual love for Turnover’s Peripheral Vision. The lemon heads chatted about the controversy that was brought to the Twitter-verse with the official announcement of the disbanding of OFWGKTA.

Dan got heated and announced The EZPZ’s official #FuckYou for the week. The #FuckYou award was given to Des Moines’ Juice Magazine. The magazine published a photo of Dan Brown in an article titled “Day Drinking”. Since Juice is owned by the Gannett Company, the photo was also put into the Des Moines Register. Check out the photo below.


Music Interlude: “Most of the Time” by Turnover

And that wraps up episode 006! We appreciate your continued support! It means the world to us.

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