The EZPZ Podcast EP015: Plain Slim #7

The EZPZ Logo Oct 2015

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What’s up, everybody! EP015 is in the books. We were privileged enough to have one of Shaun’s good friends on as a special guest, Daniyel Turner.

Daniyel Turner was back in town for a wedding, so we got him on the show. He currently lives in Oakland, California and works as the social media manager for an electric scooter and bicycle company called GenZe.

We went pretty deep down the lemon hole in this episode on some stuff. I wouldn’t say we got all existential and such, but we almost did. Daniyel and Dan are both talented musicians but they approach playing music in different ways.

#StealthModeDan got into a three-car accident but it wasn’t his fault, so he was obviously a bit heated and had to let out some steam.

Daniyel Turner went to Columbia College of Arts in Chicago. Since Nick and I just took a road trip there for the Armor For Sleep show, we chatted about Chicago and pizza.

Dan also took a road trip recently to Iowa City to see Ian and his other friend, Bryan. He caught some of CHVRCHES’ free show on the University of Iowa’s campus. In true Des Moines fashion, everyone had an opinion on Iowa City and spoke about some bad and good memories while in the college town.

Dan wanted to ask Daniyel Turner how he defined success. We went down that lemon hole and had one of the best conversations we ever had! We got into keeping your word, staying accountable, and not just talking about doing things but actually doing things.

Dan showed us a video of a young, white, drill time rapper that has been blowing up this past summer: Slim Jesus. We discuss his lyrical topics which like Nick said, we all have heard this all before but better. At least most of us learned what it means to co-sign an artist, thanks to Daniyel.

Dan gave us a brief review of Bryson Tiller and Wavves’ newest albums. Which got us into discussing a bunch of other artists and bands in true EZPZ fashion.

We really love having guests on the show. Send us an email if you want to be on the show and we’ll get you on! Thanks for listening! That wraps episode 015 of The EZPZ Podcast.

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