The EZPZ Podcast Podcast EP016: Freaky Deaky EZPZ


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Well, this was a doozy, but at least we’re staying on track. After a week off, we got back behind the mics. We want you to know that our New Year’s resolution is to make sure to upload an episode a week. We recorded this episode right after Halloween, so we were a bit….um… tired. Halloween is always a blast! Lots of fun was had, food was eaten, drinks were drunk and costumes were worn this year…accept for #StealthModeDan, who didn’t wear a costume either Friday or Saturday. Oh, Dan…

0:00  – 7:22

We kick it off with Shaun’s awful experience at Wynnsong Theater in Johnston this past week when he went to see his Steve Jobs with his father.

7:23 – 21:25

#StealthModeDan Reviews! a new segment we want to bring to the show every episode. This week, Dan reviews the new coffee shop in Des Moines called Sidebar. Then we get into Nick and Shaun’s experience at 515 Alive presents FREAK OUT! and how Nick got screwed over in the costume contest.

21:26 – 27:49

Police brutality hit the news again with director Quentin Tarantino expressing his support of “the victims”. Police groups in New York City announced how they are going to boycott his future projects. We fall into the Tarantino lemon-hole and chat about his movies, including the new film due out on Christmas day, Hateful Eight.

27:50 – 33:16

Dan has a Des Moines hack for you all in the war against parking meters. Dan has an update on his quest for a successful Tinder relationship and shocker, it doesn’t go well… Poor, Dan.

33:17 – 39:14

#DicksUp or #DicksDown, you be the judge! We ended the show by discussing some music and a little about our Halloween nights!

39:14 – 40:04

Outro. And yes, it was all Dan’s idea. 😛

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