The EZPZ Podcast Special EP001: Electric Forest 2015

TheEZPZ at EF 2015

Download the episode by right-clicking here and selecting “download linked file as..”!

Electric Forest 2015 has come and gone. During the afternoon of day three (Saturday) of the festival, Nick and Shaun sat in Lydia’s Subaru Outback and recorded a short, but special episode of The EZPZ Podcast on their iPhones. They discussed all the magical and insane things that transpired the first two days. They cover everything that they saw and experienced which included a fist fight to meeting one of their favorite artists to finding a lost kitten. Join in for this very special episode of The EZPZ Podcast!

PS: Shaun now knows it is actually pronounced Flux PaVILLION, not PaVILON! 😛

Intro Music: “Bloom” by Odessa

Outro Music: “Pay (For What)” by Mr. Carmack

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