The EZPZ Podcast EP017: Burrito Goo

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What’s up, everybody! Halloween is done and over, so we’re back on track… sort of. This episode is a bit late because Dan has had some crazy car troubles, which you can hear about in EP018. Look for that soon. Other than that, let’s dive right in.

0:00 – 12:53

We started off the show chatting about our favorite fast-food and junk foods. Casey’s pizza, Chipotle’s freshness Vs Panchero’s burrito goo. Let’s just say it has been a bad week for our diets…

Price Chopper has officially killed off Dahl’s and renovated many of their stores. The Canadian-based corporation doesn’t necessarily have the best prices. But their ad is pretty decent. We put Walmart on blast because…Walmart.

Shaun briefly chatted about his experience at the Des Moines marketing conference called #Market515, which hosted the marketing mastermind behind Hy-Vee, Nathan T. Wright. The lemon heads got into just how great Target is as a store, too.

12:54 – 30:48

WWE superstar Seth Rollins tore his MCL and ACL at a house show in Dublin. With the injury, he was forced to relinquish the world heavy weight championship belt. We got into some chitter-chatter about the WWE as a production company, which includes movies and music, too.

Movies like See No Evil and Oculus sparked a late conversation on horror movies. The Evil Dead remake is one of da best while we are all lukewarm on It Follows.

30:49 – 56:53

#RIPSethRollins title reign and #RIP2MyYouth, which is The Neighbourhood’s lead single for their new album, Wiped Out! We got into a conversation about some seasonal nostalgia we get from music, new-new from Stray From the Path, Sam Gellaitry and Mr. Carmack’s new-new and more.

Shaun shared that he hasn’t listened to much music lately and has been obsessing over the release of Fallout 4. Also, he announced the new video game YouTube series of “Let’s Plays” we’re calling The EZPZ Plays with Fallout 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time being the first two titles. Check out The EZPZ YouTube channel to see some gameplay of each game in GLORIOUS HD 1080p 60FPS.

Some are hyped on the new Star Wars and some aren’t so much. We do have hope in it since JJ Abrams is directing.

56:54 – 59:33

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