The EZPZ Podcast EP007: Back From the Grave

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Hello, lemon heads! The EZPZ Podcast is back this week and they are are back as a full team this week! Episode 007 kicked off with Nick chatting about his vacation to Denver, Colorado. He said he went to a couple dispensaries, hung out with friends and saw Bassnectar at Red Rocks. If you have no idea what Red Rocks Entertainment Venue is, click here! Your favorite lemon heads chatted about the show at Red Rocks and what makes the venue so special. Dan said that he saw Bassnectar at Red Rocks in 2013. 

The lemon heads fell down the lemon hole and they discussed their first concerts and how they miss some music venues in Des Moines. House of Bricks is no longer around and Peoples Court is dead. Although, Val-Air is still kickin’ in Des Moines, IA, it is nothing like it used to be. They discussed how Des Moines could use a middle-ground music venue that has a maximum capacity of 1500 or so. Wooly’s has a maximum capacity of 700 and 7 Flags Event Center has a maximum capacity of 3000. There really isn’t a middle-ground in Des Moines and it is causing a lot of bands to drive right through Iowa.

Music Interlude: “Humbled” by Mr. Carmack

The lemon heads asked Nick what he thought about Bassnectar’s performance at Red Rocks. Nick chatted about how he and his friends had to park at the base of the mountain and hike up to the stage. 

Here is Bassnectar LIVE at Red Rocks in 2013! Dan Brown was there!

Music Interlude: “Inconsiderate” by Mr. Carmack

Fallout 4 got a release trailer and the lemon heads chatted about the game and past iterations on the series. Shaun was particularly excited. Nick really wanted to chat about your best friend in the game, Dogmeat. The lemon heads fell down the lemon hole and started chatting about video games much to Dan’s chagrin.

Music Interlude: “Grind (Lex)” by Mr. Carmack

Ross Ulbricht of the dark Internet’s illegal black market for any-and-everything-illegal, Silk Road, got two life sentences in prison for numerous crimes. Dan explained what Silk Road was and how it worked. Dan said he had been on Silk Road before and he gave some insight as to how easy it was to use. It was essentially an Amazon for drugs and other illegal substances. 

Speaking of drugs, Dan did his usual good deed of the week by finding a video he found interesting on the Internet. The video showed a 20-something dude, Joey Salads, slipping “drugs” into women’s drinks at bars. It probably wasn’t really drugs since this was a social experiment. Also, it is worth nothing that he told the women before they drink their spiked drink what was going on. The lemon heads discussed how important it is to keep an eye out for each other out in the real world. Dan discussed how he had actually experienced a situation to where a friend of his got roofied somehow at a bar downtown Des Moines, IA. Thankfully nothing awful happened to her but it was an eye opening experience to say the least. 

Music Interlude: “1994” by Mr. Carmack

The lemon heads announced that Nick and Shaun are going to Electric Forest in less than 2 weeks and that they are going to be recording a podcast at the festival itself! We should have a few guests and friends on the podcast to discuss what they saw and who they think are the best acts of the festival.

Music Interlude: “Walkin’” by Mr. Carmack

Mr. Carmack is one of Dan’s favorite producers, so to celebrate the announcement of his soon-to-be-released EP, Red EP, our interludes are all Mr. Carmack tracks. He’s a phenomenal producer and everyone should support him. Click here to check out his tracks on SoundCloud. Mr. Carmack is one of the first acts that Shaun and Nick will be seeing at Electric Forest and they cannot be anymore excited about it!

Mr. Carmack LIVE @ The Boiler Room in London

Here’s the first track off of the Red EP, “Solutions”.


Thanks for listening! That wraps episode 007 of The EZPZ Podcast. 

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