Totally Gamescast: Episode 14

Streaming live on every Wednesday at 4:30 CST

Our focus is to bring our thoughts on the happenings in the gaming industry. After the show, we’ll play a fun game and hang out with the chat!

Can’t make the live show? It will be posted on our Youtube the following Friday!

In this episode, we discuss:

– Sony isn’t buying Take Two and we aren’t at all surprised

– March 20 Nintendo Nindies event recap

– Super Smash Bros pros aren’t the least bit professional at a tournament

– Bunch of Apex Legends news including the season one Battle Pass and new legend named Octane

– Google revealed what they’ve been working on and it’s going to be the future of gaming

And so much more!

Song is Retaliate by Sam Gellaitry. I do not own it in any way, and truly hope you all check out his music since he is the Prince of Intergalactic Beats. And he’s about to set 2019 on fire.

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