Totally Gamescast: Episode 3

Welcome to a new episode of Totally Gamescast!

Totally Trey and the EZPZ have joined forces to bring you a bi-weekly podcast focusing on all things video games. Streaming live on every other Wednesday, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm Central Time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch it live. We will cut it together and uploaded on the EZPZ’s YouTube and Facebook the following Friday.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Sunset Overdrive came out on PC this past week. Trey has been loving the game so far. He gives us a quick preview
  • Shaun bought a PS4, thanks to some amazing deals out there. He got the Spider-man pack-in and ended up beating it this weekend. He gives us a breakdown of all the awesome aspects of the game. He goes as far to state this is now his Game of the Year
  • Fallout 76 has been nothing short of a disaster. We discuss what is going on with this beloved series
  • We get some conversation in with the Twitch chat
  • Super Smash Bros: Ultimate is almost here! Trey gives us some quick details on the game
  • We discuss what games we got during the awesome Black Friday sales
  • Twitch user Durinsbane9 shares the Marvel VS Capcom Infinite’s Collector’s Edition… Spoiler: It’s disgustingly dissappointing

Be sure to check out all of the other awesome goodies we put out on the EZPZ network including our own version of Let’s Plays called EZPZ Plays. And of course, the EZPZ Podcast where we discuss all things pop culture. Also, keep your eyes on Twitch.Tv/TotallyTrey for when Trey goes live!

Starring the following lemon heads: 

ezpz shaun-2

@ShaunSJohnson – Twitter | Instagram | Twitch


@Totally_Trey – Twitter | @Totally.Trey – Instagram | Facebook | Twitch


Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

Intro and outro music by nwrblnd. The song is a custom-made track called “an introduction”. Definitely check out his tracks on his Soundcloud.

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