The EZPZ Podcast Special EP002: Summerset Music Festival 2015

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What’s up, everybody! Welcome to The EZPZ Podcast. On this special episode, Nick and I discuss Summerset Music Festival. It was an awesome festival and besides a couple hick-ups, everything went smoothly. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for your patience!

Opening track: “Huey” by Earl Sweatshirt

– We start off with the overall vibe and actually entering the campgrounds.

– Security was fine. They never harassed us.

– The festival changed their entrance protocol a couple times because of some incidents.

– Nick and I went and saw Haywyre to start out the festival.

– We discussed our favorite acts of the festival which include: Hippo Campus, Big Gigantic, The Weeknd and Earl Sweatshirt.

– The one time that we had a conflict on our schedules was during the first night when Earl Sweatshirt, Purity Ring and Odesza all played at once

–  We discuss the evacuation during Die Antwoord’s set on Sunday and whether we will be returning next year.


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