The EZPZ Podcast EP018: 3 Guys 1 Cup



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What’s up, everybody!

We’re nearing EP020! I’m super happy we’re still pushing out content and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Spoiler: Shaun hasn’t quit The EZPZ Podcast because of Fallout 4 just yet.

**We send our love out to those in Paris that have been affected by the tragedy last week. ❤ ❤ ❤ Stay strong!

0:00 – 11:32

We start out the cast chatting about the atrocious tragedy in Paris. Dan’s car completely broke down in parking lot. Which sparked a conversation about calling tow trucks and locksmiths.

11:33 – 23:52

Shaun discussed his awful customer experience with GameStop regarding his Pip By edition of Fallout 4 that they cancelled. He vowed to never shop there again. The lemon heads chat about Fallout 4 and some awesome moments Shaun has had in the game already.

23:53 – 33:26

Finding Dory’s first trailer has dropped. We chat about how great the trailer was not spoiling much of the movie and dove into how so many trailers nowadays spoil movies. Theater etiquette and escaping social media and your phone buzzing rounded out the conversation.

33:27 – 43:52

“Topic of the Show” time! There a large sector of the Internet that raised hell with Starbuck’s 2015 holiday cup. It’s just red and has no Christmas artwork.  Topic of the Show is #TotS. Let’s get the HASHTAG going!

43:53 – 57:51

Last week, Shia watched Shia in a movie theater and live streamed the entire thing. Will Shia La Beouf become our generations Gary Busey? We shall see… we capped out the episode with some music discussion including Apple Music, Foxing’s Dealer, Justin Bieber’s new album, Purpose. Shaun defended J-Beebs a bit.

57:52 – 58:35

That’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out the show. Ian Dunshee will be here next week for EP019. Get hyped, people

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The EZPZ Podcast EP014: PSL Season

EP014 plain

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This episode was recorded under the influence of fun and well, we’ll be honest, copious amounts of wine. We got behind the mic on a Friday night after Shaun got off work. It is a little more rowdy and rambunctious than our usual episode. Send your hate mail to @ShaunSJohnson. Please enjoy EP014: PSL Season!

0:00 – 10:14 — Introduction. #StealthModeDan’s patented weekly recap segment kicks off the show. His sister, Liz (@ESTORIE), had an art show in the East Village with the DSM Girl Gang and Dan went and shares his thoughts about it. He got Tacopacalypse after the art show and reported back that the food chain still hasn’t built a ramp. Shaun discusses how he recently moved. The Lift is hosting a poetry reading event on the fourth Monday. Dan attended it and had a good time going to it.

10:15 – 20:38 — Dan kicks off the second quarter of the show for what seems to be a weekly Tinder update. He finally had a good match! The lemon heads discuss Snapchat and how the discover page is so cool. Nick and his fiancé, Shayna, have been on the meal-prep game lately.

20:29 – 38:13 — National Coffee Day came and went. The lemon heads chat about their need of coffee and caffeine as they age. What comes with fall? Pumpkin Spice Lattes or PSLs to the kids out there.

38:14 – 51:38 — Tony Hawk Glitch Skater 5 came out this week. It made waves in the media for how many glitches and bugs are in the retail game. The game clocks in at 4GBs with a day one update of 8GBs. A national day/week that actually matters, Suicide Awareness Week, happened and the lemon heads chat some ways to relieve stress and depression. The boys end the show with the music they are jamming to right now.

*Editor’s note: Blu-rays are actually 25GBs, not 50GBs.

51:39 – 52:45 — Conclusion! Thank you for listening. Our show is free for everyone, so introduce the show to a friend for us!


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